Do Merv 13 Filters Contain Fiberglass?

They claim that these filters have a MERV rating, which is a measure of the filter's ability to capture particles. If you need to wash the mask, remove the filter material and wash it by hand. Machine washing tends to wrinkle the nose wire, eventually causing it to break. The mask can be air dried or dried in a clothes dryer if there are no other clothes in the dryer that could damage the cable.

Do not use a microwave, as this will not kill viruses and the mask contains metal. Don't use a dryer to sterilize, as dryers generally only heat up to 135°F. Top rated company in West Central Wisconsin, Durand Office and Hudson Office, serve Northern Allegheny and Butler Counties. The technician was polite, efficient and effective.

Friendly and knowledgeable company, it's a pleasure doing business with them. I was having problems with my heat pump in addition to high electricity bills. When the problem was identified, it was suggested that if I thought I could move next year or something like that, I would simply fix it and, if I stayed, I would want to think about a replacement. So I ended up deciding to fix it because of the problem and help with the electricity bill, only time will tell, but as far as the system is concerned, it's been great so far. The system I got was a Daiken Fit 17 seer inverter.

It's very quiet compared to what you replaced, and since it communicates with the outside, it doesn't work any more than you need and sometimes you don't even notice it's working. I run it to recycle the air to manage temperatures and the air conditioner is probably only turned on once a day and usually at night, when it can cool down faster. The only negative is that with Kennihan you may be paying a little more than elsewhere, but the given cost covers most of the things you can find in a normal facility and you would probably need something important for an additional cost. They are great to deal with on all fronts, from the office to the guys who came to my house, from the initial repair of the old system to measuring new ones for installers. They work fast and, as the pictures show, it's a clean and pleasant job and it left my basement cleaner than when they arrived here.

Overall, it was a good experience and I would use them again. We knew we wanted to hire them when a friendly voice answered the phone on the second doorbell. It was a very complicated plumbing job that involved removing a very large section of a leaking copper pipe from under the house in our neighbor's yard. Other plumbing companies contacted did not return calls or, when they found out what was involved, stated that the work was out of reach or tried to tell us that it probably couldn't be done and that the water line would have to be diverted. Kennihan accepted the job, arrived on time, replaced the line, cleaned everything and left in less than 6 hours.

They were totally professional, polite and friendly, like dealing with family members or people we knew our whole lives. We will contact them soon to maintain the HVAC system. We called Kennihan on the recommendation of a friend to replace a leaking sink. They were quick, professional and thorough. The staff at their headquarters were more than pleasant, and the technicians they sent to estimate and then do the work were communicative and efficient.

We will definitely call you back when we need something else. Dave came to do our air conditioning check and was extremely thorough and direct about the remedies that were needed. We've been using Kennihan Plumbing and Heating for over 6 years and we think they're courteous, consistent, and honest in their pricing and evaluations. The office staff is extremely helpful in booking appointments and keeping us informed about arrivals. Pleated filters, especially those with a higher MERV rating such as MERV 13 Health Shield filters from Second Nature are effective against even the smallest particles such as pet dander and smoke particles from birds. Fibreglass filters are so efficient with particles so small that their percentage is quite close to zero while HEPA filters are most commonly made of molten polypropylene or other polyester but not fiberglass - do your homework carefully before purchasing one. When washing an alcohol-based filter with a high MERV content such as MERV 13 filter mediums, compressed air is recommended for cleaning instead of using sunlight which could break down Merv's high filters slightly releasing unwanted chemicals into your environment. It seems that it would be enough to use high-merv filter mediums for homemade masks between two layers of cloth as this is where pleated air filters are successful while fiberglass air filters fail completely. However until they are easily available degassing an activated carbon filter with a high Merv content could be your best option between you and any other exotic chemical action you may have in place. Please note that if you are not sure if you need an actual or nominal size simply measure your air filter before placing your order as these filters can reduce efficiency of an HVAC system due to their density so first consult an HVAC professional before upgrading.

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