Is a Washable Air Filter Worth It?

Washable air filters are a great option for people looking to save money, but they come with some drawbacks. They are only effective at trapping large particles such as dust, and cannot filter pet dander, bacteria, viruses, or smoke. Filter manufacturers rate the effectiveness of air filters using a scale called the MERV rating table, which represents the minimum efficiency report value. The cheapest disposable air filters range between one and four on this scale, while microparticle air filters can exceed 14. Unfortunately, reusable air filters don't work better than low-quality products, since they measure less than four on the MERV scale.

Some experts believe that makes them impossible, especially for homes where air quality is a concern. On the other hand, there are other air conditioning professionals who say that the quality of air filters is largely a myth. These experts argue that the real job of air conditioning filters is to protect the life of your HVAC system, not to improve air quality. In addition to being more sustainable and reducing household costs, washable air filters have some serious advantages.

Anyone suffering from severe allergies or asthma will appreciate a clean oven filter since they are washable and can be cleaned more often. It's better than replacing them, you'll have full control of the chemicals used and you'll have a permanent filter that works well for your needs. Comparing washable air filters to their conventional counterparts depends on how you look at the price. Some maintenance is required regardless of the type of HVAC air filter you choose, but washable air filters have to consider special maintenance considerations.

Since the production and disposal of pleated filters can be harmful to the environment, you may want to consider buying a washable oven or air conditioning filter. Most washable filters last at least ten years, so you should be fine if you plan accordingly and gently care for the washable filter when you wash it. When you compare washable oven filters to disposable filters, you'll see that a washable filter is less harmful to the environment. Clean air filters offer a host of benefits, such as greater energy savings, increasing the lifespan of the air conditioning system, reducing airborne allergens and improving air balance in the home.

The air filter you choose has a direct impact on the performance of your air conditioning system, as it is responsible for trapping all types of particles in the air that can damage your health and the expensive components of the system. In short, the decision to switch to a reusable filter depends on what you need for air quality. If your spouse or children have allergies or asthma, a washable air filter isn't the right choice for your home. However, if you're looking for an economical option that reduces landfill waste and helps protect your HVAC system from dust and debris buildup, then a washable filter may be worth considering.

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