What MERV Rating Do Fiberglass Filters Have?

On the MERV rating scale of 1 to 20, fiberglass air filters are usually rated 2 to 3.These filters need to be changed more often since their surface area is small and can't hold as many particles as pleated filters. It is recommended to buy filters with a MERV rating of 8, 11, or 13, depending on your living situation. Pleated filters, especially those with a higher MERV rating, are effective against even the smallest particles. A MERV 13 Health Shield filter from Second Nature can capture at least 50% of particles between 0.3 and 1 microns in diameter.

This includes pet dander and smoke particles from rare birds. Fibreglass filters are so efficient with particles so small that their percentage is close to zero. The two most common types of air filters are fiberglass air filters and pleated air filters, and they differ greatly when it comes to household air filters. However, while the cheapest fiberglass air filter may seem like a good idea for your budget, it may not always be the best choice for your home, your air conditioning system, or your family's health.

While there are several air filters available, most buyers end up choosing between pleated and fiberglass oven filters. This is an area where the pleated air filter succeeds and the fiberglass air filter fails miserably. For reference, a pleated filter with only a MERV 8 rating can filter at least 75% of particles between 3 and 10 microns. Although pleated air filters aren't the cheapest option, they provide better air filtration than fiberglass panel filters.

As mentioned earlier, fiberglass air filters are commonly referred to as “traprocas” because of their poor ability to filter anything. In the modern era of air filtration, pleated filters outperform their fiberglass counterparts in almost every category. The filters themselves are cheaper, but the cost of using them isn't much cheaper, and an HVAC breakdown caused by a fiberglass filter that allows large particles to pass through isn't definitely cheaper. If you're ready to find the right air filter for your oven or air conditioner unit, you can search by filter size or by MERV rating.

And then, to ensure that the filter continues to do its job properly, follow a replacement program every three months for a pleated air filter (and about twice as often for fiberglass filters). Choosing fiberglass air filters is an excellent option if you're looking for a traditional, sensible filter that provides basic protection at an affordable price. Fibreglass filters are located at the farthest end of that spectrum and offer almost maximum airflow in a balance that offers almost zero filtering efficiency. While fiberglass air filters work in the most basic way, in most cases pleated air filters are much better. When particles pass through the fiberglass air filter and enter the system, one of two things happens.

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